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Our Legal Services

Insurance Litigation

Our firm specializes in insurance defense, commercial litigation, coverage analysis, and other claims assistance. Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience in handling a myriad of cases including experience in homeowner’s mold, foundation and plumbing claims, commercial property claims, property losses involving arson, fire, and hail damage, life insurance claims, and extra-contractual claims involving the Texas Insurance Code, Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, errors and omissions, umbrella and excess insurance issues, and Texas Prompt Payment of Claims Act.

Admiralty/Maritime law

Our firm has expertise in the laws and regulations that govern activities at sea or in any navigable waters, including stevedoring and terminal operations. Our law firm represents a range of clients in personal injury cases, cargo disputes, commercial/contractual claims, cargo losses, and other maritime disputes.

Estate Planning and Probate

Our attorneys are experienced in helping our clients meet their goals of timely and efficient distribution of assets, establishing trusts, and increasing the likelihood that their medical and financial wishes are carried out. This includes preparation of documentation for clients in the planning stage, as well as assisting executors, heirs, agents, and trustees, and working closely with CPAs and Certified Financial Planners.

Third Party Liability Claims

Our firm has experience in defending a variety of third party claims brought in both State and Federal Court, including cases involving; wrongful death and personal injury; construction defects; commercial transportation accidents; Texas Tort Claims Act violations; automobile accidents; libel and slander; and energy industry related claims.

Premises Liability

Premises liability covers situations in which an individual is injured due to a hazard on property owned or maintained by someone else. The most common cases involve slip and fall on another person’s premises, however, premises liability also includes dog attacks, chemical exposure, as well as other situations where it is perceived that the property owner could have prevented this occurrence. Our firm has successfully defended property owners and property management companies against claims of egligence and we are well versed in the nuances of the claims procedure and protecting our clients from frivolous and fraudulent lawsuits.

Products Liability

This experience includes in defending manufacturers, marketers, and suppliers of products and components from claims that the product or component was defective in either design, manufacturing or marketing. Our firm also has experience defending manufacturers, suppliers, and marketers of medical devices, fuel distributors, brokers, and retailers, as well, as defending restaurants and food manufacturers.


Our firm is skilled at defending motor carriers, public transportation companies, recreational vessels and watercraft, and commercial shippers from claims concerning freight loss, damage, interstate commerce, and accidents involving personal injury.

Commercial Litigation

In both favorable and less favorable business climates, the need for seasoned and qualified attorneys exists for any properly run organization. Our experience in handling business matters aids the client’s navigation through any potential area of dispute or conflict in an effort to bring about a successful resolution of issues and claims in a timely and cost effective manner.

Texas Non-subscriber Defense

Our firm has experience representing non-subscriber businesses who have elected to opt out of the Texas Worker’s Compensation system, and providing legal advice and representation to employers who find themselves the subject of a lawsuit by an employee for on-the-job injuries.

Employment Claims

Our firm has experience defending employers from claim of wrongful termination, discrimination, and claims of violations of State and Federal laws.

Financial Institutions

We represent financial institutions, prosecuting and defending breach of contract, and claims arrising out of the institution’s operations.


Our firm provides partners with experience in appellate advocacy in both state and federal courts. We successfully represent clients in complex appellate litigation across all areas of the law. Our practice areas include appeals and original proceedings, and amicus briefs.

Litigation Mitigation and ADR

Our firm analyzes each potential litigation matter to determine the best plan of action for early and cost effective resolution through mediation, arbitration, or settlement negotiations and attempts to mitigate the impact and expense of litigation to resolve each case effectively and efficiently.

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